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Financial Health | 12 minutes

Financial Planning for Canadians

Nearly 50% of Canadians don’t have any form of financial planning in place – are you a part of that group? If you are, it’s time to get started! And even if you are, it never hurts to have a small refresher.  After all, financial planning is key in so many areas of your life.
Life Insurance | 4 minutes

More Canadians Are Considering Life Insurance Since COVID-19 Began

Nearly one quarter (24%) of Canadian adults without life insurance have either purchased — or considered purchasing — life insurance since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health | 9 minutes

Coronavirus and Life Insurance: What Is the Impact?

With all the recent developments in the world, here are all your questions about COVID-19 and life insurance answered.

Financial Health | 9 minutes

10 Ways Canadians Waste Money – and How to Avoid Them

It’s never been easier to waste money – think about how convenient online shopping, speedy shipping, and one-click buying has become. You can get your hands on new clothes, kitchen appliances, or tech toys in a matter of hours.   Sure, an occasional splurge won’t break the bank by any means. But if you get into
Financial Health | 12 minutes

How Financial Wellness Today Protects Your Loved Ones' Tomorrow

What comes to mind when you think of financial wellness?  Being able to afford that post-lockdown holiday? Or owning a house, a mid-century modern gem, along with raising three children? Perhaps it’s knowing that you’ll enjoy a sweet retirement, living in the country, or owning a boat after years of hustle.  Whatever the dream, financial
Financial Health | 9 minutes

7 Strategies to Help You Save Money in 2021

Struggling to save money? You're not alone. Over a third of Canadians are making some type of money-related resolution for the new year. But if you go into 2021 with no real strategies on how to save money, don't expect this year to look different. You want to set goals around financial planning and build
Financial Health | 9 minutes

Retirement Planning for Canadians

As an adult, you’re so busy that retirement planning can seem far away. It’s even easier to push your retirement planning to the backburner as there are pressing financial priorities coming up today, like the rent, mortgage, or kids. But the scary truth is that if you want to retire comfortably, your best bet is
Financial Health | 11 minutes

Smart Credit Card Use: Are You Spending Wisely?

If you don't have methods for smart credit card use, it can be costly – Canadians have an average of $3,240 in credit card debt. This isn't meant to scare you! Credit cards are a handy tool – when used correctly. They’re convenient to pay with, offer perks in cash, gifts, and experiences, and help
Financial Health | 9 minutes

Budgeting 101: Creating a Budget (And How to Stick to It!)

It’s easy to overspend – maybe it was one too many Uber Eats deliveries or a stash of autumn-scented candles that were calling your name. But this is exactly why knowing how to stick to a budget is so important! Whatever the slip up, a budget can guide you back on track, and keep you
Financial Health | 10 minutes

The Importance of a Rainy Day Fund

So you have a budget, a savings plan, fully paid bills every month, an emergency fund – hallmarks of a healthy financial life. But what about your rainy day fund? Think about all the things that you don’t plan for. What if a family pet gets sick and requires treatment from the vet? Or Ol’
Life Insurance | 1 minute

PolicyMe 2019 Lookback

In this post, we peel back the curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our year and the customers that made it all possible.

Life Insurance | 11 minutes

Life Insurance for Children: Is It a Necessary Purchase?

It may seem like life insurance for children is a no-brainer. But buying life insurance for children isn’t as smart as you think.

Life Insurance | 7 minutes

Should You Buy Life Insurance for Children?

Depending on your family’s needs, you might decide that buying life insurance for your kids really is the right move.

Financial Health | 9 minutes

Buying a Home: How to Prepare for the Big Purchase

Buying a home is exciting – but it’s also one of the biggest financial moves you’ll ever make.  Which means you’ll want to prepare for buying a home long before you actually do.  As tempting as it may be to put an offer on the first home you fall in love with, it’s important to
Life Insurance | 10 minutes

What is Life Insurance? Everything You Need to Know

At its simplest form, life insurance is a security blanket for your loved ones. It is there to protect anyone who depends on you financially in the worst case scenario.

Ask Us Anything | 5 minutes

How to Find Your Tangerine Routing Number

What's a routing number? And how do you find the routing number for your Tangerine bank account? Here is how to find that information.