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PolicyMe content follows strict guidelines for editorial accuracy and integrity. Learn more about our editorial guidelines.

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Our mission? Empower Canadians to make informed financial decisions.

To achieve this, we have an expert editorial team that includes licensed insurance advisors and financial planners. We prioritize the best interests of Canadian families and won't endorse any product, company or financial strategy that we believe isn't suitable.

Editorial principles

1. Honest advice

Our core principles are built on autonomy, ensuring that our writers and editors work independently from our business teams, eliminating conflicts of interest in our financial advice.

We invest in internal and external experts and fact-checkers to create best-in-class content, including original reporting with quotes from academics, professionals and industry leaders.

2. Expertise

Our educational content is based on empirical evidence and carefully sourced research, with citations provided for transparency. Prior to publishing, our research and advice undergo thorough review, fact-checking and revisions to ensure accuracy and completeness.

PolicyMe relies on multiple reputable sources, including our extensive internal data and expertise from working with top insurance companies in Canada. We also consult trusted independent individuals and reference industry studies, government data sets and relevant associations to supplement our writing.

3. Accuracy

To maintain accuracy and relevance, our team regularly updates and reviews the sources we use. Our content is further reviewed by our Financial Review Council, consisting of certified financial planners, certified public accountants, licensed financial advisors, and licensed insurance agents, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in the facts presented.

In the event of errors, corrections will be promptly made and noted in the article. Our commitment to providing you with the most current and reliable information drives our continuous efforts to keep our content up-to-date and accurate.

We value your feedback and if you spot any errors or have any suggestions, we encourage you to let us know. Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and trustworthy financial guidance to help you make sound decisions for your future.

Editorial process

Our educational guides are crafted by in-house experts, like licensed insurance advisors. Before publication, we subject our research and advice to scrutiny, fact-checking and comprehensive revisions to ensure accuracy and completeness. Following the Society of Professional Journalists' code of ethics, we maintain the highest standards of integrity in our content.

We may also use our proprietary information and data to enrich discussions about specific companies or products.

Sources and citations

We ensure the comprehensiveness and informativeness of our articles by citing reputable data sources, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Internal expertise and priorietary data: PolicyMe's extensive experience, helping thousands of Canadians with $6B in coverage, grants us industry-wide insight. These insights help us to provide relevant examples and information that cater to shoppers like you. Our editorial team also collaborates with qualified, in-house advisors to ensure data accuracy and reliable advice.
  2. Third-party expertise: Our experts seek insights and clarifications from trusted and qualified independent individuals in various fields (primarily from the insurance, mortgage and financial services industry). This approach further enhances the credibility and reliability of the information we present to our readers.
  3. Insurance industry studies: We reference studies and data from outside groups like the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) and Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA).

Fact checking and reviews

Where noted, articles are fact-checked and reviewed by our in-house licensed advisors and/or independent advisors. This additional layer of review makes sure that:

  • Articles include the most up-to-date data and facts;
  • Third-party sources are vetted;
  • Recommendations align with PolicyMe's mission to provide honest advice.

Corrections, removals and updates to our content

Our writers and editors regularly conduct reviews of our content to ensure its accuracy and relevance, keeping it up-to-date with the latest news, reports, regulatory guidance, and industry studies. The most recent publication date is always displayed at the top of each article.

In the event of any errors, we promptly make corrections to the article, which are clearly noted in a designated corrections section at the bottom of the page. To see an example of a live correction, you can scroll to the bottom of the home insurance rate report.

Occasionally, certain content may be removed. In such cases, we ensure that any links leading to removed content are updated, directing readers to other relevant pages or sections of our site.

PolicyMe's editorial team

Bronwyn Kienapple

Bronwyn Kienapple is the Director of Content Marketing at PolicyMe. Her writing on marketing and business communications has been published in Foundr, 99 Designs, DIY Marketers and more. She’s passionate about demystifying life insurance so Canadians can make informed choices about their life insurance needs.

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Helene Fleischer

Helene Fleischer is the Content Marketing Manager at PolicyMe, where she works to help readers make sense of their financial life. She’s keen on taking complex (or, let’s face it – sometimes a bit dry!) ideas and making them refreshingly simple and easily digestible for folks that want to learn about life insurance. She works hand-in-hand with certified life insurance advisors to provide expert-verified advice.

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PolicyMe's peer reviewers

Erik Heidebrecht

Erik Heidebrecht is the customer service manager and licensed advisor at PolicyMe. Erik has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Wilfrid Laurier University with a minor in Financial Mathematics. Erik has broad exposure to the personal finance world after working at Fidelity Investments Canada as well being an advisor with Sunlife Financial, one of Canada's largest individual insurance providers. Erik is now focused on taking that experience to improve the customer journey and provide the best advice to Canadians looking for life insurance.

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Ivana Govedarica

Ivana Govedarica is an accomplished insurance expert with 15 years of experience in the financial space. Ivana currently helps PolicyMe customers get the best possible coverage to financially protect their families as Certified Life Insurance Advisor. Ivana also holds the prestigious RRC designation, from the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning (Registered Retirement Consultant). When she’s off duty, you can find her traveling the world and spending time in nature!

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Philippe Charbonneau

Philippe Charbonneau is a licensed advisor at PolicyMe. He has been helping Canadians protect themselves with insurance for over a decade. Philippe’s goal is to make sure every family has a financial safety net. When he isn’t helping families find affordable insurance solutions, he can be found in nature homesteading.

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About PolicyMe life insurance

PolicyMe is a Canadian digital insurance solution that makes financial protection for families simple and affordable. It was founded by two insurance consultants, Andrew Ostro and Laura McKay, and an experienced Chief Technology Officer, Jeff McKay. PolicyMe has partnered with Canadian Premier, a Fortune 500 company Securian Financial subsidiary.

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How PolicyMe makes money

PolicyMe operates like any other insurer: we sell insurance products, namely term life insurance and critical illness insurance, which are underwritten by Canadian Premier. The great news is that because we've automated operations, cut out the middleman and reduced underwriting requirements (such as medical exams), we're able to pass along the savings to you, while still delivering the same quality of coverage.

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