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Life insurance exists to protect people that depend on your paycheque, like your kids, aging parents or partner.

With our streamlined process, you can select your own coverage amount and length without the hassle of upselling or pressure.

How much coverage do I need?

Most Canadians only need coverage for the years when their dependents need it most, like when the kids are young.
You might want to cover your kids’ early years and education, your partner until their retirement and pay off your mortgage.

What policy length should I get?

The best term policy length for you will depend on your personal and financial situation.
Your coverage needs will change over time, which is why term life insurance policies work best.

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Our life insurance calculator empowers you with the power to make confident coverage decisions for your family.
With our streamlined, online process, you can select your own coverage amount and term length without the hassle of upselling or pressure. 
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What does the process of getting a life insurance policy look like?

All applicants get an instant decision on their application, so they know right away if they’ve been approved or if they need to submit additional information.
Need pointers? We’ll pair you with a non-commissioned advisor to guide you in the right direction. Even if that means telling you that you don’t need life insurance right now.
Customers applying for life insurance with PolicyMe get a decision within 15-25 minutes. Some customers get instantly approved. With traditional insurance providers, the wait time to get a decision can be over 4 weeks.

Compare life insurance quotes

See the table below for a comparison of life insurance policy rates in Canada based on age and insurance provider.

Term life insurance price comparison

Estimated monthly rates for anon-smoker, $500,000 in coverage over 10 years

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PolicyMe streamlines the traditional insurance process by removing unnecessary costs so that your same-quality policy is at a more affordable rate than other policies in Canada.

Life insurance is more affordable than you think

Cutting out the unnecessary steps in the process doesn’t just make getting life insurance easier — it makes it more affordable.
PolicyMe offers you the lowest rates in Canada while giving you the coverage you need to protect the ones you love when they need it the most.

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