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*Pricing based on publicly available rates in June 2022 for a 35-year-old non-smoking man for $500,000 in coverage over a 20 year term.
Terms and conditions apply. Pricing based on publicly available rates in April 2022, for non-smoking men for a 20-year term policy.

Pricing comparisons for term life insurance products are based on a review of publicly available rates/premiums at that time period. In some cases, additional underwriting and medical exams may be necessary and require additional time.

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What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that financially protects families for a specific period. Term tends to be the most affordable option for Canadians.

Benefits of term life insurance

Term life insurance is one of the most affordable types of life insurance. Premiums tend to be around 15% of the price of whole or permanent.

Your beneficiary receives a tax-free death benefit if you pass away during the term.

Unlike permanent life insurance, term policies are only active in the years you need it most.

The payout can be used for anything your family needs: funeral costs, debts, tuition, etc.

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Term life insurance 101: What Canadians need to know

Your family deserves the best, and for most families, that means a straightforward and affordable term life insurance policy.

Who is term life insurance for?
Term life insurance is for those that want financial protection for a set period, like while raising a family or paying off debt. If someone depends on you financially, a term policy might be for you.
How does term life insurance work?
Term life insurance works by providing coverage for a set amount of time – most commonly 20 years. A term plan guarantees that if you pass away while the policy is active, your loved ones get a tax-free lump sum.
What term length should I choose?
Term coverage is protection for the years you need it most. When looking at your life insurance options, you’ll generally see policies around 10, 20 or 30 years. We tend to recommend a term that covers the length of your financial obligations – like childcare, mortgage, etc. Not sure how much you need? Try our life insurance calculator.

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