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5-Star Review on Reviews.io
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5-Star Review on Reviews.io
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Life insurance in Edmonton: financial protection that’s actually affordable

Protect your family’s future with term life insurance in Edmonton for up to 20% less with PolicyMe.
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“The quote I received from PolicyMe on $650k in insurance was less than I was quoted for $600k at my previous company. 100% satisfied!
5-Star Review on Reviews.io
“Impressed with PolicyMe’s straightforward, easy application process. And their policies are way more affordable!
5-Star Review on Reviews.io
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5-Star Review on Reviews.io
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5-Star Review on Reviews.io
“Easy application, fully online. It took a couple of days and I am fully insured. Couldn't be happier.”
5-Star Review on Reviews.io
“I am older and had to authorize my doctor to answer some questions for the life insurance company, but the process was actually very easy and created zero stress for me.”
5-Star Review on Reviews.io
If you’ve compared term life insurance premiums online, you might have been surprised by just how affordable we are. With PolicyMe, you save on the distribution and underwriting costs that make up 40% of a standard policy's rate.
You can access more affordable monthly premiums with PolicyMe because our unique digitized process cuts both inefficiencies and costs.
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We’ve sold $5 billion in Canadian life insurance coverage, protecting families like yours.
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Talk to an advisor (if you want!)

Call +1 (866) 999-7457 from 9AM-5PM EST Monday to Friday or email us. Our Ontario-based team is happy to help!
Our Canadian advisors are available 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.
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Sample life insurance quotes in Edmonton, AB

With a life insurance policy with a 20-year term coverage for $250,000, here’s what your rate might look like:

Woman, aged 36, non-smoker from Aspen Gardens: $22.38/mo

Man, aged 32, non-smoker from Ritchie: $26.33/mo

Woman, aged 46, non-smoker from Stratchona: $49.49/mo

Man, aged 42, non-smoker from Garneau: $48.53/mo

Man, aged 30, smoker from Downtown Edmonton: $50.43/mo

See how affordable Edmonton life insurance can be with PolicyMe. Get your instant quote below.

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There are three life insurance companies in Edmonton headquarters in the city: AMA Insurance, Alberta Blue Cross and Drayden Insurance

You can get competitive life insurance coverage in Edmonton, Alberta from most of the top Canadian life insurance providers. Some of the top Edmonton life insurance companies include Sun Life, Manulife and PolicyMe.

The average real estate cost in Edmonton for a detached home is around $458K

Many Canadians take out life insurance after buying a new home. Help make sure you’re prepared with an additional financial safety net that your family can use to help cover mortgage payments.


60% of Albertans said their highest financial priority was paying down debt, followed by 39% saying retirement savings

Your family can use their tax-free lump sum life insurance payout (known as a death benefit) to help pay off debt during a difficult time.


FAQs: Edmonton life insurance

Is it worth getting life insurance in Edmonton?

It’s typically worth getting life insurance in Edmonton because it can help provide you and your family with an additional financial safety net post-loss. Many of our customers mention the extra peace of mind they get by preparing for their financial future with life insurance.

While you may already have an emergency fund to cover unexpected costs like emergency home or car repairs, life insurance is another way you can help boost your family’s financial resiliency. Just like an emergency fund, your loved ones can use their tax-free life insurance payout to help afford their expenses as and when they need to.

Your family gets to decide how they spend their payout — not your insurer. From daycare to mortgage payments, your family can help cover their everyday expenses in the event you pass. Make life insurance part of your financial plan to help your family avoid unnecessary debt and pay for their day-to-day necessities.

What is the best type of life insurance in Edmonton?

The best type of life insurance in Edmonton depends on your income and life circumstances. There are three main life insurance products: universal life insurance, term life insurance and whole life insurance. Universal life insurance and whole life insurance are both permanent life insurance products.

With this type of life insurance plan, you get lifelong coverage. But this comes at cost; these types of policies can be 10x more expensive than a term life insurance policy – and the average Canadian family doesn’t need that much coverage.

Not everyone needs life insurance coverage for the rest of their lives. With term insurance policies, you’ll only need to pay for life insurance during the period you decide is the highest risk to you and your family. As an example, many people take out coverage while their kids are young as an additional safety net.

Is life insurance mandatory in Edmonton, Alberta?

Life insurance isn’t mandatory in Edmonton, Alberta. Unlike car insurance, it’s not a legal requirement. But many people see life insurance as smart financial planning for their future.

Term life insurance can be a wise move for people with dependents. When you take out life insurance, you’re helping to provide additional financial support your family. Your family don’t have to stress so much about covering debt payments, the mortgage, or everyday expenses like bills and groceries.

If you don’t have children or a partner who depend on you, life insurance can still be a smart financial move.

At what age should you get life insurance in Edmonton?

There’s no single best age to get life insurance in Edmonton. You can take advantage of the benefits of life insurance whether you’re in your early 20s or close to retirement age. Life insurance can help provide additional financial security at any age.

But your life insurance premiums typically get more expensive as you get older. The older you are, the more likely you are to develop a health condition. This means you’ll pay more each month.

To save on life insurance, it can be most cost-effective to take out life insurance as soon as you start looking into it.