Cover Direct Life Insurance: 2023 Review for Canadians

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Key takeaways:

  • Cover Direct offers straightforward, affordable coverage, but there's lots of fine print.
  • Their main product is yearly renewable life insurance which starts out cheap, but the monthly cost goes up every year.
  • Age-based renewals are only beneficial for those needing life insurance for a short time, like one year.

Our Cover Direct life insurance review

We've reviewed Cover Direct's different life insurance products, prices, features and customer feedback.

Our rating for Cover Direct life insurance: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

Looking for quick-issue term life insurance? Cover Direct Life Insurance Company is a good place to start looking—but only for short-term life insurance. 

Cover Direct boasts excellent customer service with a whopping 4.8/5 score on Trustpilot. Most reviews mention they got approved via phone or email within minutes. 

The main problem is that their products' premium rates are age-based. This means your premiums go up yearly. 

Who is Cover Direct?

Cover Direct Insurance Agency is a new insurance provider specializing in quick-issue yearly renewable life insurance.

Cover Direct quick facts:

Is Cover Direct legit?

Yes, Cover Direct is a legitimate company, though they're new to the Canadian life insurance scene. They began offering life insurance in 2021.

They are a division of Neilson Financial Services, a British insurance brand conglomerate specializing in 'hybrid' distribution. They are also financially backed by Canadian Premier, same as PolicyMe.

Cover Direct life insurance rates for 2023

Let's compare how age-based renewal premiums add up over 15 years. We've put a typical term life insurance policy you can get with PolicyMe to show how much of a price difference your monthly payments can be. 

Cover Direct Life Insurance Review: Chart detailing the difference in monthly premiums with PolicyMe vs Cover Direct by age. Cover Direct starts out cheaper but balloons in price over time, where PolicyMe's rate is affordable constant throughout your term.

With PolicyMe, your premiums start affordable and stay affordable. And our term rates are up to five and 20 per cent lower than comparable policies.

Get a no-obligation quote in just minutes and see how inexpensive life insurance can be.

Cover Direct versus competitors

Let's compare how Cover Direct's age-based renewal prices compare to rates from some of the best Canadian companies

Cover Direct Life Insurance Review: Chart outlining different insurance comanies' monthly rates at age 35 vs age 55. PolicyMe is the most affordable out of all of the listed companies (including Cover Direct, Beneva, Canada Life, Manulife, and Sun Life). Cover direct starts out as the next most affordable option after PolicyMe at 35 but becomes the most expensive option by 55.

*for a 35-year-old female policy owner seeking $500,000 in coverage (non-smoker, average health) for a 20-year term.

Cover Direct life insurance: pros and cons

Read up on some of the pros and cons of Cover Direct life insurance based on their different coverage plans.

Pros of Cover Direct life insurance

Cons of Cover Direct life insurance 

Curious how PolicyMe stacks up? Here's a few highlights of what we offer:

  • Up to $5M in life coverage
  • $10,000 in free child coverage, per child
  • All-online quote and application process
  • Level premiums throughout your entire term
  • Discount for couples applying together.

That's the PolicyMe advantage.

Cover Direct life insurance product breakdown

Cover Direct offers one type of product: "age-based" annual renewable life policies to customers between the ages of 18 to 65.

Let's see how yearly renewable life insurance works in the short term versus the long term. 

Yearly renewable life insurance for short-term needs

Coverage lengths vary from a 10-year term to a 30-year term, and policyholders can select from coverage amounts up to $1.5M.

Cover Direct also offers policyholders some optional riders, like long-term disability coverage and critical illness coverage (for a cost!).

You might also consider yearly renewable term life insurance if:

  • Your term life insurance coverage is expiring but you still need just a couple of years' worth of coverage.
  • You have short-term debts that will be paid off in the near future.
  • You need coverage right away but are working on improving your health (ie. quitting smoking) for a lower term life insurance rate.

But because premiums increase yearly, it's not a good choice for those looking for longer-term solutions or comprehensive coverage options.

Yearly renewable life insurance for long-term needs

Cover Direct's yearly renewable policy can cover you until age 65 if you choose to renew for that long. The coverage lets you adjust the death benefit amount depending on your needs. It also allows you to invest in an account that can grow over time, like universal life insurance.

Here's a chart of the maximum insured amount you can get with Cover Direct depending on your age:

Cover Direct life insurance review: image detailing the minimum and maximum amounts you can be insured depending on your age.

But if you're looking for some of the most competitive rates for universal life policies, look into Canada Life, Manulife and Sun Life first.

Child rider

Cover Direct Canada offers a child rider that can provide extra financial coverage to your basic insurance plan.

This rider covers burial expenses, pays out if a child passes before adulthood and covers any non-refundable medical costs associated with illnesses or events not covered by other policies.

Critical illness rider

Cover Direct Canada offers a critical illness insurance rider that covers up to 15 different illnesses.

This policy can help pay for medical treatments, make up for lost wages, or cover other expenses incurred during a period of illness.

But there are other options out there if you're looking for comprehensive critical illness insurance.

PolicyMe provides affordable coverage for 44 conditions—more than any other Canadian insurer. That means more bang for your buck!

Cover Direct insurance reviews from customers

Don't have time to sift through every review out there? We've collected the most relevant reviews so you can decide for yourself.

Positive Cover Direct life insurance reviews:

Negative Cover Direct life insurance reviews:

How do you get a life insurance quote with Cover Direct?

To get a quote, you have to apply for a life insurance product. Here's a summary of the process:

  • You'll need to go through the entire application process for a quote.
  • This includes a medical background check and a 12-question minimum interview on the phone. 
  • After this, applying and getting approved for a policy is very quick.
  • Cover Direct boasts having one of the fastest online applications and approval time rate. 
  • Once you complete the application process, your advising agent will let you know if you are in a pre-approval stage that requires further assessment.

Bottom line: Cover Direct life insurance review

Cover direct is good to consider if you're looking for short-term coverage with instant approval and an online quote and application process.

Unlike many life insurance companies, they offer a super fast application process, and applicants in good health can be instantly approved for an initially low cost.

But those affordable rates can get pricey fairly quickly.

Term life insurance with level premiums is the better option if you you're in good health and think you'll need coverage for more than just a few years. Your premiums will stay the same throughout your entire term, so you won't get the sticker shock of your monthly premiums going up each year.

Get a quote with PolicyMe in just minutes and see how affordable term life insurance can be.

FAQ: Review of

Who owns Cover Direct?

Cover Direct Canada is a division of Neilson Financial Services, a British insurance company. Cover Direct is also backed financially and underwritten by Canadian Premier as of 2021, when the company launched their life insurance products for Canadian residents.

Does Cover Direct offer Accidental Death Coverage?

Yes, Cover Direct Canada offers accidental death coverage as part of its Family Life Insurance policy as an additional coverage option.

This accidental death coverage provides additional financial protection in the event of unexpected death due to an accident or illness.

Does Cover Direct have a life insurance calculator?

If you want to calculate how much policy coverage you should take out with them, you can use Cover Direct's coverage calculator. 

But if you're looking for specific numbers like your possible premium costs, you'll have to calculate that yourself. 

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