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So quick, you can get it done while your coffee’s still hot

We’ve made this super simple - there’s no need to dig up old records or paperwork. In case you need it, we have non-commissioned advisors ready to help every step of the way.

As parents ourselves, we know the importance of saving time and money

So, when we realized that 40% of a life insurance policy's rate was spent on distribution and underwriting costs, we decided it was time to work our magic, eliminate any wasted efforts and pass those savings back to you.
A graph comparing the breakdown of monthly premiums offered by other companies and PolicyMe. The cost of the coverage is the same no matter the insurance provider, PolicyMe's cost of operations are lower than other companies by 40% which enables PolicyMe to offer greater customer savings.

Over $2.5 billion in coverage sold, protecting families like yours

And that’s just so far. Here’s why parents are choosing PolicyMe for their life insurance needs.

Few other companies offer a discount for couples applying together.
Other companies either don't provide life insurance for kids or they add extra charges for the coverage.
Other companies require customers meet with an advisor and complete medical telephone interviews before processing their application. On average, traditional companies issue policies in 4-6 weeks or more.
Other companies incentivize their advisors to sell more by giving them a commission on every policy sale.
Other companies offer fully-underwritten policies.
Other companies operate very inefficiently driving up the costs.
Other companies require a phone call or meeting to provide you with a quote and complete the application process.
On average, it takes other companies 4-6 weeks to give a decision on a customer's application.
Other companies require all applicants complete a medical exam, regardless of their health.
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Family-First Features

Honest & Uncomplicated Coverage

Fast & Easy Application Process

Couples Coverage with 10% savings in the first year
Child Coverage at no extra cost
20 minute-or-less online application process
Non-commissioned advice, and only when you ask for it
A fully underwritten policy
A policy designed with your budget and family in mind
No unnecessary meetings
An instant decision
Most customers get approved without a medical
PolicyMe offers 5% savings off their monthly rates to couples applying together.
PolicyMe is the only Canadian provider to offer in free life insurance for all of your kids (and future kids) when you buy a policy with us.
It takes PolicyMe customers 20 minutes or less to complete their online application process.
PolicyMe advisors are non-commissioned, so they have your best interests at heart.
PolicyMe's policies are all fully underwritten.
PolicyMe has streamlined the application process, eliminating unneeded costs so they can pass on the savings to you.
PolicyMe advisors are here to help you whenever you need everyday from 9AM-6PM EST. Meetings are never a requirement.
PolicyMe customers find out as soon as they submit their application whether they're approved or need to provide more info.
PolicyMe uses the information you provide in your application to underwrite your policy.
BayStreerBull named PolicyMe one of Canada's most impactful companies in 2021.

Power50: PolicyMe named one of Canada's most impactful companies in 2021

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The Financial Post's review of PolicyMe

"Best of all, you won’t need to haggle with an insurance agent or fill out mountains of paperwork.

PolicyMe will take care of your application for you, free of hassle and free of charge."

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BayStreerBull named PolicyMe's COO and Co-founder, Laura McKay, one of their Women of the Year 2021.

Women of the Year 2021: PolicyMe Co-Founder and COO Laura McKay is putting families first by redefining the insurance industry

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Click to see more news about PolicyMe.
Click to see more news about PolicyMe.

Your big questions, boldly answered

We’re big believers in keeping things simple, so ask us anything and we’ll answer honestly and without the jargon.

Have a question we didn't answer?

Call +1 (866) 999-7457 from 9AM-5PM EST daily or email us anytime. Our Ontario-based team is happy to help!
Our Canadian advisors are available 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Do I even need life insurance?

You probably need life insurance if you have people who are relying on you financially, whether that's a partner, young children, elderly parents or anyone else. You should also consider life insurance if you have large debts like a mortgage or business loan.

Is term life insurance best for me?

It depends on your financial situation, but for most Canadian families, yes. And because of this, term is the only option we offer.

To read a comprehensive review of the best life insurance companies, click here.

Is my policy fully underwritten?

You bet it is. Health, occupation, and lifestyle questions are asked upfront, giving you greater certainty at claim time.

What's a death benefit?

It's your coverage amount, and it's paid out tax-free if your loved ones make a claim if you were to pass away.

Will my prices increase if my health declines?

Nope! During your policy term, your monthly price is locked in and will not increase. Want to cancel? You can do that at any time and without any fees.

What happens if I pass away while my policy is active?

If this happens, we’ll be here for your loved ones to help them through the claims process. We provide an experienced Claims Concierge as the single point of contact for your family – from making the insurance claim to getting the payout.

What exactly does PolicyMe do?

We protect Canadian families with life insurance. We’ve used technology to streamline the life insurance application process and help Canadian families get personalized advice. By doing so, we've cut out inefficiencies in the process and cut down costs. This makes our life insurance policies 5-10% lower on average than the market in cost.

How do I know PolicyMe will be around in 30 years?

We've partnered with Canadian Premier, a federally-regulated and wholly-owned subsidiary of Securarian Financial - one of North America's most reputable insurance companies.

In other words: rest easy. We’ll get you covered today, then give you long-term peace of mind knowing that your life insurance claims will get paid.

Are PolicyMe advisors commissioned?

No, and we think that's a good thing! Our life insurance advisors are non-commissioned, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best advice for you and your family.

How does PolicyMe make money?

For full transparency, we take a fixed percentage from each policy, just like any other life insurance company. This goes towards marketing, underwriting, and administration costs, while also allowing us to make some profit.

What makes us different is we've cut down on so many inefficiencies in the process that we can still pass on lots of savings to you!

How will you handle my family's claim if I pass away?

It’s our promise to you that if the worst happens, we’re here for your loved ones, every step of the way.

Your dedicated PolicyMe claims concierge works with your beneficiary to walk them through the required documentation and process. This can be done by Zoom or phone.

Your claim is then submitted to our partner, Canadian Premier, who reviews the case. We provide support if any follow-ups are required.

We notify your beneficiaries when the claim is approved. The claim is made as a tax-free, lump-sum payment paid by e-transfer or cheque.

What if I want to cancel my policy?

We’re a no-obligation kind of company. Cancel at any time without penalty. But we hope that doesn’t happen. We’d really miss you!

Reviews matter and we've got hundreds of them

Not interested in our glowing reviews? We get that. Just click “Filter Reviews” to read the 1-and-2 star reviews that we’ve worked to make better. (See, we told you we were honest.)

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