PolicyMe Referral Program

$50 for every application initiated

Welcome to PolicyMe’s Referral Program!

Families like to share and give back to one another … and since we are now like family, we would like to give you $50 for every person you refer to our site that initiates an application!

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Key Details

How does the referral program work?


When you refer someone to PolicyMe and they initiate a life insurance application, you’ll receive $50 . Earn up to $250 by making 5 referrals.

Once you sign up for the referral program, you’ll receive a personalized promo code.  Have your friends and family submit this code when prompted, and we’ll give you $50 cash if they initiate an application!

What does “initiate an application” mean?

To initiate a life insurance application with PolicyMe, your referral must (i) complete PolicyMe’s 5 minute life insurance assessment, (ii) select a quote and (iii) provide the information needed to complete their life insurance application.

Your referral does not need to submit the application or buy a policy in order for you to receive the $50.

Do I need to purchase a life insurance policy to participate?

No purchase necessary!  You do not need to have purchased a life insurance policy to be eligible and your referrals do not need to purchase insurance for you to receive the reward.

Is there a reward for my referral?

Of course! Your referral will be entered into a draw to win an iPhoneX if they complete the 5-minute life insurance checkup and submit your personalized promo code when prompted.

Your referral will not be required to initiate an application in order to be entered into the iPhoneX draw.

Do I need to be a Canadian citizen to participate?

Yes, for the time being, you and your referrals need to be a Canadian citizens.

How do I get my promo code?

Submit your email address here.  You will be sent an email with your personalized promo code.

How long will this promotion last?

We will be accepting referrals until October 15th 2018.

My friend used my personalized promo code, how do I get my reward?

On October 15th, we’ll send you an e-transfer for the money you have earned.