Senior Developer

As a senior developer, you will help build exciting features, services, and infrastructure tools needed to propel PolicyMe's growth. We are a small and ambitious team that uses cutting edge technology like React, Python and AWS to create a world-class experience for our users. You will join our team early in our product development cycle and make large, meaningful contributions to our application. We have plans to incorporate high availability architecture, micro services, progressive web apps, accessibility and you will help us achieve those goals!

This role is ideal for developers who feel confident in their technical ability and want to contribute to and learn from the highly-skilled team at PolicyMe.

PolicyMe has just completed its first round of funding and is entering the next phase of growth, expanding our reach across the marketplace and increasing the size of our team rapidly. Join us and help build the future of PolicyMe!


  • Tackle tough design and product problems
  • Take ownership and deliver products from end-to-end (ideation, testing, rollout, monitoring)
  • Develop disaster recovery mechanisms to help prevent data loss
  • Provide technical guidance and leadership across various domains
  • Build tools to improve security, automation, and the developer experience


  • 4+ years of relevant experience
  • BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience
  • Fluency in a backend server language (Python is a plus)
  • Experience working in UNIX/Linux environments


Applicants should have several of the following qualifications

  • Experience in AWS (S3, SQS, EC2, CloudWatch, RDS, Glacier, ...)
  • Expertise in relational databases and schema design
  • Experience with full stack web development (ES8, javascript frameworks, RESTful APIs, NodeJs, build tools)
  • Experience with best practices across security, web, system architecture, etc.
  • A proactive approach to spotting areas for improvement, performance bottlenecks, etc.
  • Ability to profile and debug applications in real-time
  • Experience with developing accessible web applications and web pages

To apply, send your resume to

About PolicyMe

PolicyMe is an early stage startup with a mission to simplify the life insurance market in Canada. We offer Canadians a uniquely simple way to get a customized life insurance recommendation in 5 minutes. The life insurance industry protects over 28 million Canadians through a wide range of financial security products. Despite the scale, life insurance players have been slower to modernize than their counterparts in other areas of financial services. While the fintech space overall has rapidly evolved in the recent years, life insurance has remained a largely stagnant, underserved segment and PolicyMe is excited to bring new innovations to this industry.