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Let’s work together to ensure that when your clients are ready to shop and purchase life insurance, they go to a trusted partner.

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Anyone can join the PolicyMe affiliate program, but to be successful, you should understand the importance of life insurance, and have an audience who has financial dependents or debts.


All you need to do is start sharing the custom link we send you. To help you succeed, we’ll provide you with helpful resources, a direct line to our team, and a dashboard to track your progress.


We send you commission for every person who buys a policy through your affiliate link. No cap.

Other ways we can work together

Content Exchanges

We’ll write an awesome piece of content for your readers, and vice versa

Speaking Events

Provide value to your clients by featuring our life insurance experts at your event or company!

Literally anything else…

We’re creative and fun people – reach out and we’ll figure something out!

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